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USB Key Management

Shorten turnaround time

Minimise disturbance to end users 

A Suite of Administration Tools to Manage Keys, e-Cert & Token Authenticator for TrustSafe Confidential Mail System 

PKI Keys Repository

Central Secure Key Repository

A secure central repository to hold original electronic certificate file (P12 File) and its Password.

Keys and passwords are encrypted (3DES encryption) and stored in two separated databases with two Master e-Certs.

PKI digital certificate remote installation

Remote Import Cert

It supports administrator remotely to transfer new certificate to user at distant workstation when users need to renew e-cert of their token authenticator.

Supports operations with 2048-bit RSA Key Length e-Cert

PKI Authenticator token management

Enigmator Token Management

Reduce disturbance to users in case accidental token locked.

Administrator can remotely release a locked Enigmator Token and Smart card by a secured token administration password in challenge-response principle.


Integration of All 3 Tools

It supports administrator to finish all importation to all 3 systems by only one-step process. 

Administrator can choose auto-submission function during the importation that save time and effort and reduce the expose of password and important data. 

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