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Domino Admin Tools

Centralized and Automated Account Management Tools on Domino

Domino Admin Tools can directly help with IT admin's daily operations by centralizing and automating the account management for Notes account, mailbox, replica for Web Mail. IT operators and administrators can create, update, manage and delete the accounts easily in one go via the tool. 

It is an all-round account management tool with effective cost and simple installation

Highlighted function and features

Account Management

  • Create New Domino Account with mailbox, replica for Web Mail in one stop.

  • Auto update Post Title Group and Internet address at your defined schedule.

  • Inactive Account Analysis with Remove and Archive actions

  • Remove and Archive the account, including the mailbox and replica, and remove the user from the Post Title Group and Internet Address. 

Mail Service

  • Manage Posting Email Group that can update group members at your specified date & time.

  • Centralized Agent Management consolidates agent list in mailboxes and allow you enable/disable the agents.

Daily Maintenance

  • Auto-create or Remove mail replica and update replication conditions. 

  • Generate a list of Orphan Mailboxes that still occupy your server storage. 

  • Auto and remotely deploy the Notes ID and Notes client configuration to the user workstation. 

Account Management

Account Management
One stop to complete all processes for creating a new Domino account
  • Create Notes Account
  • ​Create Mailbox
  • Update Post Group
  • Update Internet Address
  • Submit Auto Deployment

Remove Account

Remove Account
Not only personal document, but also
  • Delete mailbox and replica
  • Remove from group
  • Remove from Internet Address
Remove Account Flow

Group Management

Group Management
  • Create/Remove Groups
  • ​Add/Remove member of Groups
  • Transfer member between Groups
  • Acting-in/Acting-out member
  • Restore Removed Group​​
Group member change with
  • Effective Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Long Term Posting

Agent Management

Define your agent(s) list to manage
  • Collect agent status
  • Enable/Disable specified agent on behalf of user
Agent Management 1
Agent Management 2
Enable/Disable Agent

Mail Service

Auto create / remove mailbox replica and update replication conditions

Mail Service 1
Define different replica destination server and replication conditions
Mail Service 2
Mail Service Request for different user with different service(s)

User Activity Monitor

Define Inactive Period
User Activity Monitor 1
Find inactive users
  • Collect user login action from both Notes Client & web
  • Update user status by compare last activity date and inactive period
  • Inactive user report
User Activity Monitor 2
  • Account Owner and Account Type
  • Last Activity Date
  • Retain Account
  • Exclude Account
  • Submit Delete Account Request

Find Orphan Mailbox

The Orphan Mailbox Report will scan the mailbox which does not stay on its own Server


  • For the Replica exist in Clusters Sever or Mail Services will not count as Orphan Mailbox.


  • Link to Mail Service Profile Database so that to ignore Replica on those server as orphan mailbox

Find orphan mailbox
  • Integrate with Mail Service

  • Submit Delete Mailbox Request

  • Input code for confirmation

Auto Deployment

Auto Deployment

Auto and remotely deploy the Notes ID and Notes client configuration to user workstation

  1. Upload the ID to the web server

  2. Web server single sign on with Windows

  3. User open the web page and initial auto deployment

  4. Download user Notes ID and default Notes client configuration

  5. Update Notes client configuration regarding current user e.g. Home server, ID file path, mailbox file path and etc.

  6. Update status

  7. Notes client configuration Done!!!

Integrated with Account Management which

  • Enable auto deployment in Create Account Request

Use case

Domino Admin Tools can perform account and mailbox analysis, tidy up the existing accounts for you. This can save administration and operation workload and free up the space. 

Domino Admin Tools Use Case
  1. New users, groups, mailboxes, replicas will be automatically created and updated after submitting requests.

  2. Auto deploy the user specified user settings, ID file to user's workstation.

  3. The tool will collect users' login actions from both Notes client and Web. 

  4.  The tool will also track the account usage. Accounts over the preset idle period will be treated as Inactive accounts. 

  5. The tool will notify IT admin when there is an inactive account and remove it automatically to free up the Domino user accounts. 

  6. No worries about losing removed account information! The tool will archive the removed account to provide a mechanism to restore the data if needed. 


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