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Email Compliance Manager

Secure Email Solution

Email is an essential communication system in daily operations nowadays. Its degree of accessibility and user-friendliness always come to be the corporation's top concern. However, how to protect the corporation's email from leakage, both intentional and unintentional, and how to ensure emails go to the right hands according to corporate policy and compliance is now becoming the corporation's key priority. 

TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager is a platform that allows corporations to centrally manage email flows according to their operation requirements and compliance policies. 

TSECM flow
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Defending against phishing, spoofing, and man-in-the-middle attacks prevents both intentional and unintentional information leakage.

TSECM Secure

Function & Features

TSECM Modules

Mail Blockage

  • For corporation which requires to skip some internal parties for being in the loop of some sensitive emails, TrustSafe® Email  Compliance Manager will centrally block illegitimate emails for the target parties. 

  • TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager will alert corresponding manager(s) for further action in case of non-compliant behavior occurs. 

Mail Channel

  • For situations in which corporation targets to manipulate email flows without alerting sender(s)/ recipient(s), TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager can:

    • Route those emails to other internal parties ​

    • Auto copy/forward those emails to other internal parties

Mail Postman

  • For email accounts like or, TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager can re-distribute tons of emails under these accounts to right hands in round-robin manner.

Watch List

  • TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manger can closely monitor email activities of users on "watchlist". Append messages and email log reports of watchlist accounts will be provided for corporation's further action. 

Mail Protect

Mail Crypto

  • TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager can further secure mail transmission with digital signature and data encryption including attachments. 

  • Auto decryption and signature verification down to verification of CRL and trusted CA. 

  • Identify emails with outdated/revoked certificates. 

Mail Retention

  • TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager provides archival and backup for emails. 

  • Whether in-bound/outbound emails going to right hands can be traced from records and corporation centrally governs email flow according to corporation's compliance 

System Log & Statistic Reports

TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager will also provide: 

  • Detail processes and system log for mail tracking and trouble shooting

  • Regular analysis reports for effective tracking of email transmission of each email account


  • Customization of email control features and reports can be made to meet the needs of your corporation. 

  • TrustSafe® Email Compliance Manager can safeguard confidential outbound emails by multi=tier protection: 

    • Level 1 - Prevent data loss in man-in-the-middle attack​

      • Send outbound email attachments in form of a password-protected zip file ​

    • Level 2 - Prevent malicious/accidental forward of emails to wrong hands 

      • Send outbound emails as a hyperlink​ 

Successful Case

It can fully adapt to an organization struggling with how to avoid disclosing confidential information. 

Not only prevents data loss in man-in-the-middle attacks but also allows you to control email flows by channeling emails to defined groups or teams, preventing malicious or accidental forwarding of emails to the wrong hands! 

TSECM use case
  1. Monitor the email content and alert the Compliance team when the sensitive keywords are scanned.

  2. Manage the email flow of the part-time employees, who are only able to send internal emails.

  3. Arrange round-robin letters, to the teammates when receiving emails to the group email address.


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