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Secure Email Solutions

Defence from malicious code, phishing, spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks

Control intentional & unintentional information leakage

Support Cryptographic and Electronic Messaging Protection Controls

confidential mail sysem

Confidential Mail System

Apply PKI email encryption


Classify email into security levels and apply corresponding protections:​


  • Attachment protected by one time password

  • Email sent as a link with one-time passcode.

  • Certificate signed and encrypted mail 


Crypto Client: Microsoft Outlook or HCL Notes plug-in, supporting sign, encrypt and decrypt operation. 

Support mobile app to send and open restricted / confidential mail on the road.


Email Compliance Manager

An intelligent email compliance engine to to protect, control and monitor sensitive and confidential email. 

Define rules to implement security controls according to email attributes such as subject, attachment format, file name & sender & recipient .

Controls include mail blockage, routing, copying, encryption, altering, retention and audit logging.


Email Audit Trial

360 degree monitor email security activities and breach.


Include Mail, Database, Directory, User login activities & ACL.

Detect and instant alert intrusion and malicious events against highly confidential email on top of audit trial reports.


Proven Secure Email Solution:

Best for Government, Law Enforcement, Banking & Finance, Legal, Health Care to protect Privacy and Confidentiality to meet Compliance requirements.

Search & Discovery


  • Archive & backup email into Email Compliance Manager server

  • Support multiple database (each key account or partner can have one database)

  • Set access control list to each database

  • Search engine  - search by sender, recipient, subject, date, key words or self-define field

Intentionally & Unintentionally Information leakage


1) Define email policies

  • e.g. Back office staff cannot send email to external parties

  • e.g. Specific role of staff cannot communicate with each other.  i.e. Team A cannot send email to Team B

  • Monitor email sender, recipient, subject, attachment name or attachment file format

2) System automatically triggers actions

  • Block the email that breaks the defined rules

  • Forward prohibited

  • Send email alert to specific person such as supervisor

  • Trace who has read the email

Large Email Attachment


  • Sender sends large email attachment as a hyperlink

  • System automatically generate dynamic password for each link

  • Recipient receives link & password separately

Sending Sensitive Information 


  • Apply protection on each level:

    • Level 1: Send outbound email attachment in form of a one time password protected ZIP file

    • Level 2: Send outbound email as a password protected link

    • Level 3: Send outbound email with digital signature 

Non Repudiation | Electronic Transactions Ordinance 


  • Apply Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to meet higher security control

  • Send email with digital signature and data encryption including attachment

  • Auto decryption and signature verification down to verification of CRL and trusted CA

  • Identify email with outdated / revoked certificates

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