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TS Auth

Add an extra layer of protection for securer user verification

Security doesn't always mean complicated
We offer simpler MFA solution for fast deployment


Open Standard for Integration

TrustSafe Auth is a robust and scalable solution for enterprises of all sizes including SMEs as well as
independent software developers.

It supports RADIUS, LDAP and OAuth to integrate various applications, including messaging and
collaboration system, on-premise applications as well as web services.

Independent software developers can expand 2FA or MFA on their existing applications such as CRM
and HR systems to address more stringent privacy concerns from their end users.

How does TrustSafe 2FA / MFA work

TS Auth work flow

Mix & Match MFA

Enterprises can enable authorization deployment by multi-factors authentication associated with
required assurance levels.

TrustSafe Auth is designed with a policy engine to enforce multiple authentication sequence by
matching users’ roles, systems and authentication methods.



+ E-mail OTP

password reset

Password Reset

+ E-mail OTP

super admin account

Super Admin Account

+ Software OTP
+ Mobile push by supervisor



+ Mobile push by supervisor

public annoucement

Public Annoucement

+ Mobile push by supervisor

top trade secrets

Top Trade Secrets

+ Software OTP by user
+ Mobile push by supervisor



+ Mobile push by user



+ Mobile push by user

large payment

Large Payment

+ e-sign with cert
(Prove Non Repudiation)


2FA on Domino

Customised Domino agent for adding 2FA for iNotes mobile users  

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