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Integration with Domino iNotes / Verse

For 2 factors authentication in a simple but secured way

Customised Domino agent for seamless integration

High Level Data Flow Diagram between Domino iNotes and TrustSafe Auth Server

TS Auth iNote Work Flow

End user Authentication work flow 

IBM iNotes 1

1st Authentication:

Domino Internet Password

Input regular IBM iNoes user ID and password.

IBM iNotes 2

2nd Authentication:

TS Auth OTP Password

Input one time passcode generated by TrustSafe Auth server to access iNotes e-mail account.

IBM iNotes 3

3rd Authentication

Mobile Push, to access confidential mail box

IBM iNotes 4

Access to Confidential mail box

Add an extra layer to protect access to mail folder contained highly confidential information

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