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Data Migration Solutions

Data Migration Solutions

Safe & smooth to destinations

Microsoft SharePoint

Email filing to SharePoint

IBM Domino
Domino Migrator

Migrate data out from Domino

SharePoint Integrator

Customised SharePoint Integrator filing email into SharePoint at top efficient

SharePoint Integrator Features

SharePoint Integrator Features

  • Save email to SharePoint

  • Access multiple SharePoint locations

  • Insert file as attachment

  • Insert file as link

  • Auto fix on invalid file name

  • Duplicate file detection

  • Long file name or path detection

  • Favourite list for quick path access

  • Captures email attributes automatically

How does it work?

How does it work? 

  • Export Notes mail to EML format.

  • Also support Microsoft Exchange

  • The system connects to the SharePoint server using current Windows credential and retrieves the library list that the current user is accessible, so that you can upload the exported email contents and the attachment files to DMS or select files from the DMS to attach onto an email as links or attachments.

How dows it work? 2
  • SharePoint Integrator window navigates all libraries, folders and files in SharePoint.

  • Users can place the attachment in the path they want.

  • Save different SharePoint locations in their favourite list.

Domino Migrator

IBM Domino Migrator

High Data Completeness & Thoroughness


  • –Export Notes mail to EML format

  • –Convert Notes document to HMTL, PDF, Word or XML document

  • –Able to export Notes native sign & encrypt mail, SMIME mail and HKSARG CMS

  • –Export Notes document including doc link, DB link, attachments and field values

  • –Maintain 90% Notes Rich Text format

  • –Flexible data mapping by well-defined mapping table

  • –Able to import data to SharePoint / IBM Connections / SQL DB

How does it work

Migrate data in 5 processes

1) Data Consolidation
2) Export Data
3) Data Manipulate
4) Data Conversion
5) Import Data

Migrate data in 5 processes

Export Notes Document Sample

Maintain 90% Notes Rich Text Format

Data Conversion is NOT Data Migration - TrustSafe Domino Migrator not only concern in the data format, but also manage consistency, logic, metadata and data mapping

Export Notes Document Sample

Professional Migration Services

  • Top Level provides professional services to migrate applications and data from IBM Domino environment to new destinations empowered by our TrustSafe Domino Migrator.

  • Best data migration practices with these key steps:

    • Assessment and Analysis

    • Preparation, Classification & Extraction

    • Validation & Staging

    • Exportation.

  • Reliable partner you can trust – We are certified as expert competency level of IBM Domino; and also have rich proven Domino deployment experience in Government and Commercial sectors.

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