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Meet TrustSafe Solutions

To Meet Stringent Security Requirements

Top Level Corporation Ltd, the brand owner of TrustSafe solutions, is specialised in Identity and Data Protection solutions.
We have established more than 10 years with our own research and development team. 

Our success foundation built on being a HK Government official IT contractor. 
Our flagship product TrustSafe Confidential Mail System, which built on PKI technology, is being widely used by HK Government departments and bureaux.

Our Products

Imput one time passcode


Add second or third factors authentication for users verification on top of user ID and password.  Deploy a right combination of multiple authentications methods to access various applications based on risk level and security policies.

compliance, rules

Full Control & Monitor on Email 

An intelligent email compliance engine to protect, encrypt, monitor and control outbound email.  Equipped with management tool to define your own rules for compliance.


keys repository

Central Secure Keys Repository

A secure central repository to hold original electronic certificate file and its password.  Keys and passwords are encrypted  and stored in two separated databases with two Master e-Certs.

sharepoint integration

SharePoint Integration

An add-on tool for IBM Notes or Microsoft Outlook to save, retrieve and manage emails and attachments to SharePoint environment more efficiently.

email encryption

Email Encryption

Implement encryption protection based on email security level classification.  Prevent mail content or attachment leakage from man-in-the-middle attack, malicious attack as well as intentional and unintentional forwarding email to wrong recipients.

remote installation

Cert Lifecycle Management

Shorten turn-around time of certificate renewal & deletion tasks.  IT administrator can remotely import new certificate into token devices via a secure tunnel.

domino data migrtion

IBM Domino Data Migration

Migration solution for migrating IBM Domino data and applications to other applications with high data completeness and thoroughness. 

The solution not only concern in the data format, but also manage consistency, logic, metadata and data mapping.

Security Camera

Domino Platform Monitoring

360 degree monitor IBM Domino Environment, including Mail, database, Domino Directory, User login activities & ACL.

authenticator token

Token Management

Reduce disturbance to users in case accidental token locked.  Administrator can remotely release a locked token or smart card by a secured token passcode in challenge-response principle. 

At TrustSafe, quality is our mission

Commit to go extra miles to deliver reliable and professional quality is our norm

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