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Mail Protect Background

Mail Protection

Prevent Confidential Outbound Emails from Falling into the Wrong Hands

Organizations commonly rely on email to send even sensitive and confidential information.

Yet email as a major business tool is highly vulnerable to scamming, spam, exploitation and data loss.

It is essential for todays businesses to implement email authentication and compliance solutions to secure, control and prevent emails from being stolen, misused and falling into the wrong hands


A Private Hospital

A Private Hospital 1


Hospital offers a wide range of high quality medical services. The professional medical team included in-house doctors and affiliated doctors. It has already implemented a robust in-house email system and a set of complete email compliance policies is in place to shield against data leakage.


  • User Authentication 

  • Diverse Security Settings

  • Exposure to Man-in-the-middle Attacks


  • The Hospital leveraged TrustSafe Email Compliance Manager to have a full picture on all email flows under the Hospital's email system. Dubious email attrack can be recognized right at the beginning.

  • Confidential mails from the Hospital are sent through hyperlink. Affiliated doctors can read details of the email  content by keying the passwords only. Out-bound emails are in the mode of "read" only and can't be forwarded and copied.

  • Further protection for the out-bound emails from the Hospital is enforced by content encryption and digital signature authentication. All these controls are to ensure only right information fall into right hands.

A Private Hospital 2
password protected attahments

Send the outbound email in form of a password-protected zip file.
Prevent malicious / accidental forward of emails to wrong hands. 

send as link

Further safeguard confidential outbound emails by multi-tier protection.
For example, password protected attachments plus send as link.

Why Mail Protection is important?

Trustsafe Mail Protection Solutions includes:

  • Prevent data loss in man-in-the-middle attack

  • Send outbound email attachments in form of a password-protected zip file

  • Prevent malicious / accidental forward of emails to wrong hands

  • Send outbound emails as a hyperlink, while retaining the original email content, including attachment, in senders’ own secure mail server

  • Secure mail transmission with digital signature and data encryption including attachments


  • Auto decryption and signature verification down to verification of CRL and trusted CA


  • Screen out emails with outdated / revoked certificates

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