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Mass Mail Merge

Protect data & identities that matter

Mass Mail Merge (MMM) is a Swiss knife on Lotus Note. Mass Mail Merge Application means Mass Mailing and Mail Merge based on its own contact records. The system can generate and send out mass mail based on a specified mail content template defined by user.

Features Highlight

of MMM

Reusable Content Template

Users can save their email contents as template for future use. This helps to reduce workload and save users' time and effort on designing mail contents. 

Schedule Sending Timeslot

Users are allowed to set a timeslot for sending email to particular recipients. The system will auto-send your mail on time according to the timeslot.

Merge Mail Content

MMM system allows users to merge a single mail content with many recipients or to merge the same mail content into individual mail for many recipients.

Attachments & 

In-line Images

Besides users can attach doc, in-line images are also allowed by MMM. Recipients can view the image directly from the message rather open it separately

Rich in Design Content

MMM system provides rich text format in Mail Content Template which coinvent the users to design their own creative and attractive email

Low-cost & Efficiency
Mass Mailing Application

Sending email to thousand target recipients

Distributing important individual documents in minutes

It saves Time & Cost to help you finish the impossible tasks efficiently. 

  • Mass mail merge as draft – allow review before send out

  • Specific different attachment for different recipient

  • Self-create Mail Content Template by just like draft a mail and Easy user interface

  • Merge one single mail content with many recipients or merge the same mail content into individual mail for many recipients

  • Allow user schedule mail sending time when submit mass mailing request

  • Support rich text format for designing mail content

  • Support attachment and in-line images

  • Specified sender internet address

  • Reusable Mail Content Template


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