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TrustSafe Audit Trail

Secure Domino Native Add-on Module

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Provide 360° Protection for  Domino Environment 

Audit Trail

TrustSafe Audit Trail is a Domino native add-on module that is used to enhance the security of Domino applications and e-mail systems

 Main Features 

Mail Monitor

Mail Monitor

  • Tracks and monitors all e-mail messages and associated event

  • Specifies whose e-mail messages and which events are to be monitored

  • Monitor illegal recipient event during sending confidential mail

User Activity Monitor

User Activity Monitor

  • Tracks and monitors all users' login activities​

    • avoid impersonation or illegal actions to access confidential documents 

    • Easier to follow-up users' using behavior 

Statistic Reports

Statistic Reports

  • Mail Summary Report

    • Show the summary of each action on mail of each server

  • Mail Traffic Report

    • Calculate the total size of mail traffic of Domino environment​

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection 

  • Log and monitor occurrences of malicious events

    • Illegal access

    • Illegal creation

    • Database deletion

    • Select from a list of pre-defined events or specify user-defined events​

Domino Directory Monitor

Domino Directory Monitor

  • Logs all changes of CM group and personal documents of CM users

  • Logs any ACL change of Domino Directory

ACL Monitor

ACL Monitor

  • Logs any ACL change of TrustSafe Audit Trail Databases change

  • Logs any ACL change of Domino Directory

More About Audit Trail

To track and log the entire Life-Cycle of email messages, from email creation to destruction, including when the mail was opened, who opened it, and whether it was altered, forwarded or deleted and provides Intrusion Detection.

An ideal component for logging highly sensitive & confidential e-mail

Mail Document Monitor Log
  • Track all mail activities & events : 

  • Send​

  • Receive

  • Open 

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Route

  • Undelivered 

  • Illegal Open

Domino Directory Document Monitor Log - Group
Audit Trail Case

The document changed values are highlighted!!


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